Burgers & The Disgrace Of Jersey Shore

My apologies i wasn’t able to blog last night due to my social skills group and i was too tired to blog afterwards so that was so bad of me! but moving on…


went to Crestview hills with my parents & brother & sister just a few hours ago and went to eat at five guys which was mine & my parents first time but my brother and sister went before  but all i can say is THAT BURGER WAS THE BEST BURGER I HAD!! the fries too!, I thought it be good to dunk my fries in A1 sauce it tastes yum-o! i hope i can go back soon!!!! wish i had took pictures of the yummy burger!!

The Disgrace Of Jersey Shore:

I HATE JERSEY SHORE!, Those kids make a BIIIIIIIIG disgrace out of there heritage and that’s not how my mama was made or my grandfather or my great grandfather tony whose was born in Sicily god rest his soul but seriously not all Italians tan or go clubbing or have big muscles not if my great grandpa tony was still alive i bet he would whack those those kids off the shore and into a cannoli and eat it LOL! and seriously i hope that show is cancel because I’m so sick and tired of those jersey whores flooding my fave mags and seriously there’s better jobs out there for those freaks! I’m proud to be a good half Italian and not a jersey freak! oh and i hope snooki is choking on a pickle right now as i write this!!!



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