They Don’t Care About Us

Remember you must die

That was my old motto before my last trip to the hospital i always thought the people i know, the teachers from my old schools the staff even the FECKING SCHOOL DISTRICT didn’t give a f**k about the fact i was bullied 1st grade all the way up to the 8th grade here’s my story . . .

My mom always said i was a soldier i would get up to go to school but by the time i got home i would just cry,You see my mom use to be a in-school suspension teacher and even though my mom worked at my old elementary school the kids would still bullied me there was a kid called Ryan Meese a kid who had a semi everyday habit of calling me a fat ass he always got in trouble and taken to ISS and he still gets away with it i always thought my mom would give him a ass whipping and when i started 8th grade he was still at it and i finally had to the courage in the middle of silence to shut his f**king mouth and leave me alone but it still didn’t work i haven’t seen that asshole ever since those events taken place at my old schools he’s not the only one either mostly everyone at at all three of my old schools was a bully or a Judas (a person who would pretend being my friend and end up treating me like crap) but i still cant believe no one helped me or stood up i hated my teachers and counselors the didn’t help me out or all they tell me to ignore them but how can i ignore them LOOK WHAT HAPPEN TO PHOBE PRINCE no teacher helped when she was bullied and she’s dead because of it i have thought and tried to hurt myself from the same problems but somehow my parents were with me during my bad times and i cant help but thank them because they were the only people who stood up to those who didn’t care i could of been dead but my parents were my saviors! if anyone’s been bullied or know someone that is stand up and talk to an adult you can trust and don’t the bullies get you down!



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  1. Christina Hale
    May 21, 2010 @ 19:26:06

    I love you Kelsey!


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