I’m A Groupie’s Groupie

Pamela Des Barres a.k.a Miss Pamela she’s is my idol! she’s the famous groupie from the 70’s she was like the virgin Mary of groupies! WHOA NELLY! She’s a storyteller she tells about her wild experiences with rock stars jimmy page of led zeppelin, Mick jagger and many MANY others she’s a hero to her fellow groupies young and old, She’s inspired many girls (and maybe guys) like me to believe in the music and some girls actually believed more into sleeping with the band to get closer and some of the groupies were my age when they slept with the likes of jimmy page & David bowie seriously i couldn’t believe when i read “lets spend the night together” that Elvira actually was a groupie before being famous as mistress of the dark! seriously some groupies are still at it today but just in it for the music and not the sex seriously girls today need to save themselves for marriage and not the cute lead vocalist of a band. Amen!


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