Go To HELL Hot Weather!

HOLY JEEBUS! IT’S FECKING hot already! this summer weather is a bitch cant stand it one bit i be happy with air conditioner that’s Iceland cold or a swimming pool sadly i aint got one only a fan that doesn’t even keep me cool . . . . . but i got to go swimming in my next door neighbors pool! i hope we get some cool weather or at least some rain this summer if not I’m going to have a the baddest sunburn in the universe and man its going to hurt like a Nazi getting whacked with a baseball bat by Eli Roth or that one scene from Scarface we all know what that scene was anyways I’m going to bitchslap the weather guys if i don’t get some cold rainy weather soon enough because I HATE THIS HOT MESS YOU CALL SUMMER KEEP IT IN IRAN FOLKS!


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