Miss Tila over at is in the UK went back in time and posted the spice girls video for 2 becomes 1 boy do i have memories of loving the spice girls STILL DO always wanted to be baby spice and i use to have the dolls too when geri left i stayed a true fan even after the split i stayed true to the other girls i was excited when they reunited ALL 5 GIRLS sad to say i wont ever get to see them perform thats a bitch lol THANKS MAMA TILA FOR BRINGING BACK THE 9O’S FOR THAT POST!

THOUGHT OF THE DAY U.K. EDITION: OLD SPICE GIRLS Man, can you believe it's been 14 years since the release of the Spice Girls debut album, "Spice"? When those girls were at the height of their success, they definitely had the world by its ankles!! Everybody was all about the Spice Girls and Girl Power, unless you were a boy of course. So in honor of Miss Tila be … Read More

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Exxxotica LA, The Pink Cross financial records, sex on the first date & self esteem issues as an adult entertainer (via Monica at Home)

i use to support shelley and the pink cross! but now my mind is change thanks to julie meadows & monica foster I LOVE YA GIRLS!!!!! monica & julie are former pornstars now bloggers talking bought the industry

Exxxotica LA, The Pink Cross financial records, sex on the first date & self esteem issues as an adult entertainer Tonight I discuss Julie Meadows newest video on the 2008 and 2009 Pink Cross Foundation financial records (which is a VERY well put together analysis of the 2008 and 2009 tax returns of The Pink Cross Foundation (which is run primarily by self proclaimed ex-pornstar Shelley Lubben), the lack of crowd and coverage of the LA Exxxotica convention and why that may have been (according to ' s Ryan Rayzer). I also give some advice to a liv … Read More

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OOPS MY BAD!/New Stuff Coming!

Wazzzzup my guys and dolls KELSO LE FOU IS BACK! haven’t posted since big butter Jesus caught on fire and the fact I’ll have time to write more since this Wednesday is my last social skills group meet (I’M GONNA CRY) i was too occupied with that to do some blogging and i was also looking for some inspiration too but that fail and totally looking forward to some cool weather this week!!! but anyways i’m fixing my blog up to make it more cool and simple so that might be a while but het WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Black Butter Jesus Or Storms A Coming Jesus




The biggest Jesus statue (or big butter Jesus or touchdown Jesus OR king of kings) was struck by lightning and burn to the ground R.I.P  BIG BUTTER JESUS!

Here some pictures before and after!



File:Touchdown jesus.jpg





I Think I See The Light!!!


I finally decided to be interfaith for now on i think it can be hard learning one religion and want to like the other i was really inspired by the Baha’i faith and how they "consort with the followers of all religions in a spirit of friendliness and fellowship." and i thought hey if i cant believe in one religion at one time how about believing in all the religions without freaking out  my parents and the people who are close to me and  hope it will help.


Give Heidi Montag a standing ovation  she finally had the courage to leave that sleazebag Spencer “douche” Pratt hope she can have a better life without that dick!!

Go To HELL Hot Weather!

HOLY JEEBUS! IT’S FECKING hot already! this summer weather is a bitch cant stand it one bit i be happy with air conditioner that’s Iceland cold or a swimming pool sadly i aint got one only a fan that doesn’t even keep me cool . . . . . but i got to go swimming in my next door neighbors pool! i hope we get some cool weather or at least some rain this summer if not I’m going to have a the baddest sunburn in the universe and man its going to hurt like a Nazi getting whacked with a baseball bat by Eli Roth or that one scene from Scarface we all know what that scene was anyways I’m going to bitchslap the weather guys if i don’t get some cold rainy weather soon enough because I HATE THIS HOT MESS YOU CALL SUMMER KEEP IT IN IRAN FOLKS!

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